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Cover side on the podcast episode about new nutrition coaching program: #800gChallenge® coach

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The Consistency Project
on the New Nutrition Coaching Program: Become an #800gChallenge® Coach
The Consistency Project
on the New Nutrition Coaching Program: Become an #800gChallenge® Coach

New Nutrition Coaching Program

Do you want to teach others the #800gChallenge®, Lazy Macros®, and the Three Pillars Method™? Good news: now you can!

You can license the program names and methodologies to help teach others a sustainable approach to their weight, health, and fitness goals through OptimizeMe Nutrition’s affiliate program. Tens of thousands of individuals have used the #800gChallenge® because it’s so sensible! Now you can use the approach with your clients, and other OptimizeMe Nutrition methods, with this new program.

Affiliate program requirements include: completing the Three Pillars Method Masterclass and test before an annual affiliation fee. The affiliation fee allows you to use the names and programs, but also gives you access to additional coaching resources like ebooks for your clients, manuals for how to run successful nutrition programs, and access to a community group with EC including quarterly calls.

(Remember, the #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® are registered trademarks that you cannot use without becoming an affiliate coach).

What’s the Difference between a Nutrition Coach and a Nutritionist?

A nutrition coach generally focuses on basic eating habits. This would include things like eating more fruits and veggies and cutting back on processed foods. It would be generally promoting the diet recommendations of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) dietary guidelines. A nutrition coach helps clients set and implement goals (e.g., suggesting meal prep ideas or snacks to reduce calories).

A licensed dietitian or nutritionist on the other hand would potentially develop individualized meal plans (e.g., eat this food and this much), review labs, and/or make nutrition recommendations in light of a health condition or treatment. Licensed dietitians do not make diagnoses nor suggest treatment options. Instead, they often make dietary recommendations to support the treatment plans established by the patient’s MD/DO doctor. Becoming a licensed nutritionist often requires a nutrition degree (sometimes graduate level), as well as passing a board certified exam before applying for state licensure.

Does This Nutrition Coaching Program Make Someone a Nutritionist?


The term “nutritionist” (as well as terms like “dietitian” and in combination with “licensed” or “registered”) usually are restricted to individuals who have met certain qualifications and have been registered by their state.

State laws vary significantly, but it’s best to avoid using any terms that may be mistaken for these professions and scopes of practice.

Many states do not have regulations around being a nutrition coach, habit coach, or wellness coach as related to basic weight, health, and fitness goals. (Of course, this is not legal or professional advice; individuals must understand what their state or jurisdiction requires.)

This nutrition coaching program is really for individuals wanting to be a nutrition coach aka habit coach. It allows individuals to use the step-by-step process of the Three Pillars Method™ for clients to make lasting habit changes in their diet that result in general weight, health, and fitness improvements.

Want to Learn More About this Nutrition Coaching Program?

If you want to learn more about becoming an #800gChallenge® Coach, take a listen to this episode using the links above. If you open the episode in another player like Apple or Spotify, scroll back to July 2022.

The episode references a link to a summary of state laws, but since the time of recording, that website is no longer available. You’ll need to check with your state code of regulations (or country).

Here is the webpage for more general information about the #800gChallenge® Coach affiliate program as well.

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