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Become a nutrition coach & help others build habits that actually last

Do you want to become a nutrition coach and teach others the most sensible diets they’ll ever do?

Become an Three Pillars Method™ coach! By completing the affiliation process, you can become a nutrition coach with programs that actually work! No gimmicks, no crash diets. You will teach others the life-changing and sustainable habits that result in weight, health, and fitness improvements.

You get access to teaching materials, licensing, and mentorship to teach others the proven diets created by EC Synkowski.

A plate of fruits and vegetables (800 grams worth) on the become a nutrition coach page.

2 Steps to Affiliation


Complete the Three Pillars Method Masterclass (for Coaches)

(Formerly called Nutrition Essentials Masterclass.) Send your certificate of completion and data analysis files to EC. Then go on to pass the test.


Apply for Affiliation

A short application process before getting the materials and resources to start coaching others. Check out the affiliated coaches here

Become a Nutrition Coach

By going through the affiliation process, you can license the methods and materials EC Synkowski uses to teach others nutrition: the #800gChallenge®, Lazy Macros®, and the Three Pillars Method™. You’ll also get ready-made nutrition materials to help build a nutrition coach practice. 

The affiliation process requires full completion of the Three Pillars Method Masterclass, including passing the test. 

The benefits of becoming an affiliate coach include:

Tier 1 – $500/per 2 years

For independent coaches located in single brick and mortar location (determined by client base and digital footprint). Other tiers are available for larger-scale businesses.

Coaches will be required to re-test every two years to maintain their credential. 

Note: all affiliated coaches are required to have general & professional liability insurance. Though other companies can be used, you can estimate fees here


If you have any questions, use this form. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

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