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OptimizeMe Nutrition

Build the new you with science-backed nutrition

Create a sustainable path to transforming your fitness and performance in less than 60 days - no fad diets allowed.

“I was exposed to a lot of this information before, but never in a way that so concisely tied everything together in a way I can actually use every day, realistically. I wish I received this 11 years ago.”

Brian S. – Masterclass Member

Why the Nutrition Masterclass was created

Years of frustration and stagnation

10 years ago, I was a CrossFit Level 4 Trainer who struggled with finding nutritional success. After many years of underwhelming results and dissatisfaction, I decided enough was enough.

Creation of the ‘Three Pillars Method’

My frustrations led me into a deep dive within the nutritional science rabbit hole, which gave birth to the Three Pillars Method. This framework changed everything, and allowed me to rapidly improve my nutrition and athletic performance.

Helping others regain control

After transforming my own life, my purpose has been to help others do the same. This naturally led to the creation of my Nutrition Masterclass, which has helped HUNDREDS simultaneously overhaul their health and physique.

What Our Members Are Saying

Well ..this stuff just works! Tracking keeps you on track. Getting 800 grams of fruit and vegetables adds volume so I'm not snacking on other stuff, and also down 7 pounds since starting!

James D
Masterclass Member

I've learned SO much doing this course and have been telling everyone who will listen about it! Thank you for making the information make sense! The gradual approach to weighing and measunng allowed me to be successtul!

Wyn F.
Masterclass Member

This is just so practical and it WORKS. I love having all this knowledge in my back pocket, while others are jumping on detoxes and boot camps...I'm free of all that rubbish and it feels GREAT!

Renee P
Masterclass Member

Create the lean, fit, and athletic version of yourself

Stop hopping from diet to diet, and commit yourself to a proven framework that has transformed HUNDREDS of individuals

The science behind the results - Three
Pillars Method

Pillar 1 - Quality

Everything starts with how we fuel our bodies. The quality pillar ensures that your nutritional intake is fully maximized with vitamin-packed food groups.

Pillar 2 - Protein

Protein is a multi-faceted super-nutrient. This pillar plays a vital role in keeping our meals satiating while also burning excess fat reserves.

Pillar 3 - Calories

Our caloric intake has to be less than our caloric output. This pillar ensures that we maintain the caloric deficit that’s needed to lose weight.

Are you ready to transform
your fitness?

Escape the maze of dieting myths and unproven theories, and align with scientifically sound nutrition.

Hear it from our members - Masterclass success

“I ended up losing weight at 2300 calories, which is still mind boggling to me. I just feel really empowered that I have the tools to know what I need; it's really freeing.”

Heather B.
Winter 2023 MasterClass

“This masterclass saves me from being in a deficit mindset, which is more sustainable. I get to think: what do I need to do to fuel?”

Mac A.
Spring 2022 MasterClass

“I ended up losing weight at 2300 calories, which is still mind boggling to me. I just feel really empowered that I have the tools to know what I need; it's really freeing.”

Taylor W.
Winter 2023 MasterClass

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Masterclass FAQ

How much does this program cost?

The course is $997, which includes the live coaching access with EC for 10 weeks. You will also have continued access to the course materials indefinitely to use as a long-term resource. 

How does this course work?

The intent was to provide enough flexibility regardless of schedule or timezone, while still getting coaching support throughout the program. Much of the course is video based you watch on your own time according to a group schedule. You can ask questions at any time in the Community App, and/or attend live calls for questions (with playbacks available).

When are the live Q&A calls?

For the Spring 2023 group, the live Q&A calls are slated for Tu @7:15P EST and Wed @2:15PM EST. These are optional, but provide another avenue to get your questions answered beyond the Circle community App. Playbacks are made available.

What's the time commitment for this course?

The total video content is ~6 hours. This averages to 1-2 hours a week. You choose how much additional time is spent interacting in the Community app or attending live calls. There is also additional time to prep and track food, which is highly variable from person to person due to experience with weighing and measuring, as well as meal preferences.

Are any other purchases required?

Yes. The course uses the Cronometer (Gold membership) for food data collection and analysis. This costs an additional ~$8.99/month (although prices and deals change regularly). You can also choose another app, but we are not responsible for whether necessary features exist. You will also need a digital food scale, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.

I hate weighing and measuring. Can I skip that part?

The ONLY way to get excruciatingly clear on what you need to do is to weigh and measure what you eat for a period of time. It’s eye opening and gives you an irreplaceable education into your own habits. It actually can be less work overall because you can stop doing all these different diets without knowing why they do or don’t work. 

I'm 57. Am I too old for this Masterclass?

I have had successful students much older than 57 because they are smartly looking to REAL FOOD to counter the changes with age: muscle mass declines and it’s harder to lose fat. This is why the older you get, the MORE important it is to eat healthy.

Is this course good for current or future nutrition coaches?

Yes, but coaches should take the coaches-only version. More information can be found here:

Is this course for vegetarians or omnivores?

This program works for everyone! You customize your own meal plans based on which foods you eat. Vegetarians and vegans will use plant-based proteins to hit your targets.

When does the course start and finish?

When you register for a live coaching group, the course starts and ends on the posted dates. You have 10 weeks of coaching access (Sept 13 – Nov 17). After that, you have continued access to the course videos which contain all the information to do the program on your own. 

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it’s on the platform from which you purchased it (Teachable).

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked, but also no exceptions after this timeframe.

This isn't a great time for me - when will it be offered again?

Keep checking back for the next enrollment date!

Do I have immediate access to all course materials?

No. Upon registration you have immediate access to the Pre-Work, which contains the 10 Principles of Nutrition. Remaining content is dripped one week prior to when we start needing the concepts.

Does this course count for CEUs?

Yes, but check out the coaches only version for more CEUs: