The Macros Series!

This video series was put together in partnership with Steve’s Paleo Goods. Here are four simple and foundational videos about the macros diet, how to determine your numbers, and considerations for adjusting your macros. Don’t get lost in all the advice of finding your “perfect” macros; a ton of progress can be made just by bringing daily consistency to your diet. Click on each picture to watch the video and leave any questions in the comments.


Video 1: Intro to Macros


Video 2: The Macros Calculator

Calculator Link (it is READ only): SPG Macros Calculator


Video 3: How to Calculate Your Best Macros


Video 4: Adjusting Your Macros

16 thoughts on “The Macros Series!”

      1. Is the calorie number that gets spit out in that calculator for maintenance or for weight loss?

      2. Hi! Thank you for all the great info. Are the macro calculations, in your macro calculator, based on a deficit or maintenance type? Sorry if I missed that somewhere!

  1. Just listened to you on Julie Foucher’s podcast. You were great and so is this video series!! I’ve been doing WAG for six months and it’s been really helpful. But the information you provided makes me feel I can do it on my own. Super informative. Thank you!

    1. Eva Claire Synkowski

      Thanks, Alex! A combination of a lot of sources – between caloric estimates based on body weight, to what other sources recommend for macros, combined with my own experience.

      1. Eva Claire Synkowski

        Ah, I see. So, if your other factors change drastically, it’s good to recalculate. Like if your activity changes, body fat changes, etc., recalculate to get a new multiplier.

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  3. So if I follow macros and lose the desired weight do I recalculate for maintenance calories? I did as suggested and tracked for a little over a week to see my current maintenance just wondering if that changes in a 10-15% reduction in weight. TIA!

    1. Eva Claire Synkowski

      Sure! I usually suggest a 200-300 calorie deficit from maintenance to lose weight – usually from carbs and fat. Eventually need to readjust once at goal weight! The process – in detail – is also part of my Masterclass 8 week program if you are interested.

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