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Join the Social 800 Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge®)!

From Monday, July 16 through Sunday, August 12, OptimizeMe Nutrition is running a “social” #800gChallenge™. What makes it “social”? Every day, I will post on Instagram and YouTube of what I eat to hit the daily 800g target. Join me! No official registration, no points, just play along and stay on track with healthy eating this summer.

What is the #800gChallenge™?

Eat 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and vegetables each day. No other rules, nothing to eliminate; you can eat whatever else you want. And pick the fruits and vegetables that you want. To see what counts and doesn’t – see here.

Photos by: Jessica Beacom

Why 800 grams?

It is based on research by Aune et al. (2017) who found that eating 800 grams of fruits and vegetables was associated with better health outcomes. After creating some rules and putting it into practice, it has become a great metric for quality in the diet. People have reported better energy, better performance, weight loss, and more(!) with adherence to the #800gChallenge.

Isn’t that a lot of carbs?

Not really. In a 30-day stretch of mixed fruits and veggies, I averaged 107g/carbs per ~800 grams. Targeting low carb items will be ~40g carbs and biasing high carb items (potatoes, bananas, yucca) will be ~200g carbs. A plate of 800g of fruit is only 135g carbs. Pick the items that suit your needs.



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Join the Social #800gChallenge™!

Remember, follow OptimizeMe Nutrition on Instagram and YouTube for daily videos starting this Monday, July 16! Jump in and commit to a good dose of fruits and veggies. It’s healthy eating without the obsession.





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