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on the Supposed Benefits of Fasting

What does the research say about fasting to control weight, improve fitness, and increase performance? We’re talking about the standard fasting protocols and why controlling for the actual quantity of nutrients continues to be my go-to recommendation.

Quick Bites #6

5 listener questions
1) PostWOD carbohydrate powders
2) Realistic weight loss expectations
3) #800gChallenge® and Intermittent Fasting
4) Coffee alternative drinks
5) Exogenous Ketones

Podcast cover slide: on Protein Timing & Muscle Protein Synthesis

on Protein Timing & Muscle Protein Synthesis

What is muscle protein synthesis, how does it affect muscle growth, and why does it matter? Those are the questions we’re tackling in this second of two episodes on protein digestion, absorption, and timing.

Quick Bites #1

Seven listener questions:
1) How to calculate one’s calories they should eat now
2) BCAAs for a fasted AM workout
3) Caffeine use
4) Bread, grains, and gluten
5) Oats as a carb source for gluten free (GF) diets
6) Dairy – is it healthy or not? 
7) Black beans vs weight loss