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OptimizeMe Nutrition


on Fructose, Fruit, and Sugar

Why has fruit gotten such a bad rap? To understand that, we have to talk about what sugar is, what the research says about sugar consumption, why we need to worry far less about how much fruit we eat, and a bunch more.

Quick Bites #11

5 listener questions with ~5 min answers.
1. Sugar-free: sugar alcohols vs. sweeteners
2. Alani Nu Fit Shakes
3. Tuna and mercury consumption
4. Macro percentages on Lazy Macros®
5. Sugar highs & swimming performance

Quick Bites #7

5 listener questions with ~5 minute answers:
1) prioritizing high-volume: low-calorie food;
2) bulking & cutting as “yo-yo dieting”;
3) elimination diets to “jump start” eating healthy;
4) GI distress on the #800gChallenge®; and
5) MyFitnessPal sugar warning and fruit consumption.