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OptimizeMe Nutrition

specific food questions

Quick Bites #3

5 listener questions:

1) Weight versus body fat 

2) Three nutrition lessons for high school students

3) 1 g/lb of body weight protein for a functional fitness enthusiast

4) Vegan & hitting protein numbers with whole food sources

5) Alcohol consumption and stubborn body composition 

Quick Bites #2

Seven listener questions:
1) Nutrition & menopause 
2) Relationship between high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight loss
3) Natural yeast/sourdough starter and health benefits
4) Children and trying to instill good nutrition habits
5) Cooked versus raw on the #800gChallenge®
6) Muscle cell size and inflammation
7) How to lose weight but build muscle (increase performance) simultaneously

Quick Bites #1

Seven listener questions:
1) How to calculate one’s calories they should eat now
2) BCAAs for a fasted AM workout
3) Caffeine use
4) Bread, grains, and gluten
5) Oats as a carb source for gluten free (GF) diets
6) Dairy – is it healthy or not? 
7) Black beans vs weight loss