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OptimizeMe Nutrition

specific food questions

on Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease

To understand the linkage between these three, we’re talking about Ancel Keys getting a bad rap, why black and white paradigms of good or bad food need to go, why LDL cholesterol might not be the best predictor of CVD, and more.

Quick Bites #6

5 listener questions
1) PostWOD carbohydrate powders
2) Realistic weight loss expectations
3) #800gChallenge® and Intermittent Fasting
4) Coffee alternative drinks
5) Exogenous Ketones

Quick Bites #4

6 listener questions:
1) Macro tweaks for performance
2) Shift workers, EMS, LEO or military with the #800gChallenge®
3) Edamame, estrogen, and men
4) Paleo, calcium, and bone mineral density
5) Necessity of counting calories for weight loss
6) Lazy Macros® and counting fat

Quick Bites #3

5 listener questions:

1) Weight versus body fat 

2) Three nutrition lessons for high school students

3) 1 g/lb of body weight protein for a functional fitness enthusiast

4) Vegan & hitting protein numbers with whole food sources

5) Alcohol consumption and stubborn body composition