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specific food questions

Cover slide: on the Hidden Dangers of Oatmeal

on the Hidden Dangers of Oatmeal

Lots of people claim we should avoid oatmeal – for both carcinogenic and physiological reasons. But are they right? To answer that, we’re talking about glyphosate, a viral Mark Hyman post, the Glycemic Index, and more.

on Alcohol’s Health Effects (Quick Bites #17)

5 listener questions, ~5-minutes. Topics include:
What are sugar alcohols?
Is alcohol that bad for your health?
What about powdered green supplements instead of vegetables?
Why do people want to make their diet complicated?
Does creatine cause bloating?

Quick Bites #14

Five listener questions on: changing macros based on activity, IgE allergy and IgG sensitivity testing, the additive Carrageenan,
“good” protein bars and powders that aren’t too “processed,” and consistently under eating macro targets.

on It Never Being Just One Thing (Quick Bites #13)

This week, four listener questions all linked by one of my principles of nutrition – that it’s never just one thing. We’ve got questions about blood glucose, biomarkers, metabolism trackers, and whey vs egg white protein.