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OptimizeMe Nutrition


30 Short Lessons for Better Health (Part 2)

We’ve released 100+ episodes of the show, and this week we’re combing through some of the 30 biggest ideas we’ve covered since the start. Consider this episode part 1 of the Cliff’s Notes version of the Consistency Project. Stay tuned next week for part 2.

on Optimizing DOMS Recovery & Ice Water Baths

This episode takes an in-depth look at optimizing recovery for performance and explores the lifestyle and nutrition practices that could aid recovery. We analyze key strategies for reducing DOMS and look at whether ice baths have any effect on improving DOMS.

on How to Predict Optimal Performance

In the second part of our conversation about optimal performance, I’m focused here on how the most valuable indicator and predictor of athletic performance might not be the latest wearable device, but instead our actual performance data.

on Measuring Recovery to Optimize Performance

Getting fitter means balancing the need to overload the athlete and drive new adaptation without negatively affecting recovery. Accurately finding that balance, though, is a challenge. I break down why that’s the case here.