Quick Bites, #04

Your questions are back in the spotlight this episode. We’re talking about fat intake for improving performance, how shift workers can utilize the #800g Challenge, bone health, and why weighing and measuring is so important. Macro tweaks for performance Shift workers, EMS, LEO or military with the #800gChallenge® Edamame, estrogen,… Read More »Quick Bites, #04

Quick Bites, #03

We’re back to your questions today, talking about the relationship between weight and body fat, how to work on nutrition with kids, finding good sources of protein for vegans, and more! 1) Weight versus body fat  2) Three nutrition lessons for high school students 3) 1 g/lb of body weight… Read More »Quick Bites, #03

Quick Bites, #02

We’re taking some more listener questions today, diving into whether nutrition needs to change post-menopause, if natural yeast has measurable health benefits, and tips for getting young kids to eat their vegetables. Nutrition & menopause  Relationship between high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight loss Natural yeast/sourdough starter and health… Read More »Quick Bites, #02

Quick Bites, #01

We’re taking some of your questions in this first iteration of our Quick Bites format. Among other topics, we’re diving into fasted workouts, caffeine intake, and whether or not I think oats are a good source of carbs. How to calculate one’s calories they should eat now BCAAs for a… Read More »Quick Bites, #01