Quick Bites, #08

5 listener questions with ~5 minute answers:
1) prioritizing high-volume: low-calorie food;
2) bulking & cutting as “yo-yo dieting”;
3) elimination diets to “jump start” eating healthy;
4) GI distress on the #800gChallenge®; and
5) MyFitnessPal sugar warning and fruit consumption.

Quick Bites, #06

I’ve got 5 new listener questions teed up for this edition of Quick Bites, including ones on carbohydrate powders post-workout, realistic weight loss expectations, alternative coffee drinks, and more! PostWOD carbohydrate powders Realistic weight loss expectations #800gChallenge and Intermittent Fasting Coffee alternative drinks Exogenous Ketones Ketone study mentioned here. ––… Read More »Quick Bites, #06

Quick Bites, #05

We’re returning to your questions this week, talking about helping folks who are susceptible to falling for fad diets, living in an environment we don’t have much control over, dealing with arthritis, and more! Making macros easy for recipes Multi vitamins as insurance Encouraging others away from fad diets Dealing… Read More »Quick Bites, #05