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Quick Bites #14

Five listener questions on: changing macros based on activity, IgE allergy and IgG sensitivity testing, the additive Carrageenan,
“good” protein bars and powders that aren’t too “processed,” and consistently under eating macro targets.

on Gut Health and Chasing the Unknown

What do people mean when they talk about gut health? To answer, we’re talking about our microbiome, whether you should be worried about measuring your gut health, dysbiosis, and more.

on It Never Being Just One Thing (Quick Bites #13)

This week, four listener questions all linked by one of my principles of nutrition – that it’s never just one thing. We’ve got questions about blood glucose, biomarkers, metabolism trackers, and whey vs egg white protein.

on Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease

To understand the linkage between these three, we’re talking about Ancel Keys getting a bad rap, why black and white paradigms of good or bad food need to go, why LDL cholesterol might not be the best predictor of CVD, and more.