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habit change

on Nutrition During the Holidays

How do we get through the holiday season nutritionally intact? That’s the conundrum we’re talking about today, discussing how prevalent weight gain is during this time of year and some time-tested strategies we can lean on.

on Why It’s Okay to Be Hungry

Do we have to accept being hungry to lose weight? Do we have to get uncomfortable to make a change? That’s what we’re diving into today, talking about using the dials of ‘pressure’ and ‘dose’ to get the outcomes we want.

on Whether You’re Making the Right Choices

I get a lot of questions that go something like, “I eat pretty much [insert some variety of whole foods], and I eat small amounts of [insert less ideal foods]. Am I ok?” Here’s why it’s hard to answer questions like that, and what you can do to answer the question yourself.

on Convincing Loved Ones to Change

How do you convince loved ones to change their behavior or nutrition? I get asked that question a lot. The short answer is that you don’t. This episode is the long answer as to why I’ve come to believe that.