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OptimizeMe Nutrition


Quick Bites #2

Seven listener questions:
1) Nutrition & menopause 
2) Relationship between high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight loss
3) Natural yeast/sourdough starter and health benefits
4) Children and trying to instill good nutrition habits
5) Cooked versus raw on the #800gChallenge®
6) Muscle cell size and inflammation
7) How to lose weight but build muscle (increase performance) simultaneously

on Performance vs Longevity

At what point does elevated performance in sport or fitness diverge from long-term health? That’s what we’re diving into, talking about the Blue Zones, CrossFit®, and the challenges of knowing these things with any certainty.

on Exercise as an Anti-Inflammatory

What is inflammation and how is it affected by age, weight gain, and exercise? Those are the questions we’re diving into today, trying to provide simple answers to something that’s quite complicated and rarely understood.

on the Difference Between Muscle Mass & Strength

What should your nutrition look like if you want to get big? Or if you want to add strength? When I get those questions, I often need to take a step back to make sure we understand why they’re two different pursuits.