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aging (includes menopause)

Title slide for The Consistency Project: On Aging and Menopause.

on Aging and Menopause

Why is it so hard to lose weight during and after menopause? Find out how to boost your metabolism, the truth about belly fat, how to deal with menopause symptoms and more.

on Measuring the Outcome (rebroadcast from Digital Barbell Podcast)

We’re sharing a conversation with Jonathan from the Digital Barbell podcast this week. Jonathan and his wife Blakely run Digital Barbell, which is an online Fitness and Nutrition coaching business. You can find out more about their services at their website or on social media @DigitalBarbell. We talk about the aging athlete from a nutrition & training perspective – and more!

Q&A on Fish Oil Supplementation

6 listener questions: 1) Can I just eat fish (do I have to supplement)? 2) What if I don’t eat fish; should I supplement?
3) Is there any upper limit on the omega3 dose? 4) What about fish oil for depression? 5) What about fish oil for brain health and aging?
6) What about supplement quality?