December 13, 2018

Gyms: Run the #800gChallenge™

Over 100 gyms have run the #800gChallenge™ – join them! It’s a fun, inclusive twist on eating more fruits and vegetables without restricting other items.

Here is the why behind the challenge, the rules (including scoring ideas), and a general information sheet.  But instead of re-inventing the wheel to create the whole challenge yourself: check out these options below!

Option 1: Run the #800gChallenge™ on SugarWOD

It is a 4-week challenge delivered on the SugarWOD app. With product purchase, you get:

  • Instructions and a Content Calendar to guide you step-by-step of what to do when through the challenge.
  • Promotional Materials to drive awareness and sign-ups at your gym. This includes:
    • 4 Social Media Posts (with corresponding text)
    • Blog Post
    • 2 Email Templates to Members
    • 2 Promotional Flyers (one for display, one for member education)
    • Notes for Coach & Member Meetings
  • Challenge Materials – to keep members engaged. This includes:
    • Rules and scoring for the challenge
    • DAILY educational content for members delivered via the SugarWOD app
    • 5 Weekly Social Media Posts
    • Scoring, leaderboarding, & fistbumping all courtesy of SugarWOD. This fosters that friendly competition and community around the event.

It is estimated you will still have 30 hours of work onsite; charge your members enough to recoup your costs and cover your time. Check out the SugarWOD marketplace to purchase or contact with questions.

Option 2: Run the #800gChallenge™ with Other Software

Part of the Promotional Materials: A Content Calendar with day-by-day action items.

This product is very similar to Option 1, including the step-by-step Instructions, Content Calendar and Promotional Materials.

The differences from Option 1 are:

  1. There is not daily educational content delivered via an App for the challenge. There is bi-weekly content you must deliver manually (e.g., closed Facebook group, email, etc).
  2. You must handle where participants log scores, leaderboard, etc.

You still get all the promotional materials listed above, but you have more work on your end. This option is expected to take 40 hours of work to implement; charge your members enough to recoup your costs and cover your time. You can purchase the product here.


Can I see sample challenge materials?

Sure, email me at! And tell me if you are a SugarWOD or non-SugarWOD gym.

How much do I charge members?

It’s up to you! You know your community best! Generally, gyms charge in the $20-50 range.

Can I change parts of the challenge?

You can, but know that the purchased materials are designed for a 4-week challenge and the point/scoring system is already outlined in the pre-made materials. What’s easier to change are things like adding a workout before/after the challenge, body composition testing, t-shirts, prizes, etc.

Can I just run the challenge on my own?

Yes, but please credit content taken from my website with linkbacks and in social media by tagging @optimizemenutrition (Instagram and Facebook) and the #800gChallenge. Oh, and let me know how it goes for you all!

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