30 Days of the #800gChallenge®

Daily, short content for 30 days about the popular #800gChallenge®. You’ll learn all the rules, tips for success, and get answers to the most frequently asked questions (is this too much sugar? will I lose weight? why doesn’t dried fruit count?). Plus BONUSES like the #800gChallenge® Shopping Planner, Top 5 Budget-friendly & Versatile Foods, and On-the-Go meal ideas.

It’s time to focus on addition, not elimination. Get started today!


  • One-time payment of $57 to the 30-day program for individual use.
  • New content is dripped daily (on Day 10, you have access to 10 days of content).
  • Program access for 4 months.
  • Full refund available 10 days after purchase if not 100% satisfied.