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Have a health concern? Stop self-diagnosing and cherry-picking information from the internet. Go to a doctor. An MD doctor. 

Oh, but you don’t really have to go anywhere. With SteadyMD, you can go see your doctor from the privacy of your own home. No more hours in the waiting rooms.

Oh, and did I mention you can TEXT your doctor? How convenient is that?! Ask your doctor a question without an appointment and get a response that day. 

I (EC) am consistently impressed with the attention to detail and follow through from EVERY SINGLE ONE of the SteadyMD staff. Thorough, attentive, and make the process easy for everything.

SteadyMD is an online doctor service that partners each member with one ongoing doctor who aligns with his or her healthcare interests, medical needs, diet, goals, & lifestyle. Their goal is to provide the most effective and personalized care in order to promote long-term wellness. 

 SteadyMD has a quiz that asks you some questions about your health and life. Your answers are then filtered through their matching technology, which in turn suggests 3 doctors with applicable expertise for your specific care needs.
To take the quiz, CLICK HERE. It only takes 90 seconds and can lead you down a beneficial path of long-term wellness.

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