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Books (Yes, I hope to expand this section!)

I’ve been learning from Stephan Guyenet for years. Great book on the neuroscience and some practical implications. 

Diet Products

Remember that my diet is full of fruits and veggies (ahem, #800gChallenge®) and adequate protein (Lazy Macros™). See my Example Day on Instagram of how I accomplish both and to see how any food sources can fit in your diet.


I like these protein bars because of the high-protein to low-calorie ratio at a texture and taste that are palatable.

My favorite is Salty Peanut, but Cookies & Cream and Caramel Cashew are regulars as well.


I love, love, love HopTea! I love all their flavors, too. Great, non-caloric alternatives to water.

The White Tea (Purple) is my go-to – super crisp and fresh. But it all started with the Really Hoppy One (Orange). It could pass for a beer.

At first, I didn’t love Chamomile (Teal) – but since I can’t do caffeine at night, it’s become a favorite. 

The Green Tea one is mild and great if you like Green Tea. If you can’t decide get the mixed pack! It doesn’t come with the purple one, but they are all tasty.


I do not use protein powder for any post-workout claims. I use protein powder to supplement my diet to help with variety and sustainability in a whole-food-based diet.

I most often mix it with plain yogurt, berries, and peanut butter for a meal anytime of day.

I use Vanilla Bean Native Fuel Whey by Ascent.


It’s hard to find jerky where the protein grams are higher than carbs or fat. Here it is! 

Chomp’s Turkey Jerky. It’s got 10g of protein per stick, tastes great, no carbs, and only 2.5g of fat. 


I put collagen powder by Vital Proteins in my coffee most mornings. 

I do think the collagen-specific claims are generally overstated, but I use it to help with sustainability and flexibility in reaching my protein target.

Yes, I count it towards my protein total. 

PS – My coffee is black, that’s just the espresso foam.


TBH – any kitchen scale will do. Just a recommendation if you are getting started on the #800gChallenge®, Lazy Macros™, or macros.

This one by Greater Goods is relatively inexpensive, light, works great, and #prime.