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The Consistency Project
Quick Bites #7
The Consistency Project
Quick Bites #7

Quick Bites #7

5 listener questions with ~5 min answers. 

Question 1. Prioritizing High-Volume: Low-Calorie Foods

• Need to evaluate all nutrients in the diet to be able to determine if diet choices are “ok” [ref Episode 12: on Whether You Are Making the Right Choices]
• Vegetables for fullness/satiety
• Vegetables are not always the “best” nutrition choice [ref Episode 34: on Plant-Based vs Animal-Based]
• Debunking low-glycemic choices for otherwise healthy individuals
• Logistical considerations

Question 2. Bulking & Cutting as a Form of “Yo-Yo Dieting”

• More muscle does not unequivocally result in better performance [ref Episode 19: on the Difference Between Muscle Mass & Strength]
• Defining yo-yo dieting versus bulking & cutting
• How non-competitive athletes should increase muscle mass and decrease body fat

Question 3. Elimination Diets to “Jump Start” the Process of Eating Healthy 

• How the body detoxifies [ref Episode 1: on Detoxes, Fasts, & Juice Cleanses]
• Elimination diets: evaluating symptoms and feelings
• How best to “clean up” the diet

Question 4. GI Distress on the #800gChallenge®

• Fiber intake recommendations
• Fiber intake & types of fiber on the #800gChallenge®
• FODMAPs on the #800gChallenge® and their potential effects
• Inclusion versus elimination

Question 5. MyFitnessPal’s Sugar Warning and Fruit Consumption

• Total sugar versus added sugars
• Added sugar guidelines
• Labeling changes in 2020 to include added sugars
• Example of label differences between fruit and dessert made with fruit
• Understanding the difference between sugar in fruit and sugar in processed foods

Referenced Episodes:

On Whether You Are Making the Right Choices (Diet Validation)
On Plant-Based vs Animal-Based
On the Difference Between Muscle Mass and Strength
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