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Quick Bites #17

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
Quick Bites #17


Your quickfire roundup of my take on some of the most recent hot topics in the nutrition world ranging from The Game Changers documentary to chicken chips and supplementation.

The Game Changers: Vegan Propaganda or the Optimal Diet?

The new Netflix documentary The Game Changers is having a massive impact on the way viewers are thinking about meat consumption, with meat and dairy shown in a pretty poor light. 

The film features the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, and Novak Djokovic, and has caused quite a stir among viewers. 

There’s no avoiding the fact that the entire purpose of the film is to advocate for a plant-based diet by highlighting the health and performance benefits of veganism over a traditional omnivore diet. However, the cherry-picking of information focuses on extremes rather than a  practical, balanced and realistic approach to plant-based eating for the majority of people. You can get many benefits from a plant-based diet without committing to it in an all-or-nothing approach. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to nutrition and it never will.

Whilst the documentary uses several carefully selected studies, there’s also an abundance of celebrities giving anecdotal evidence to add an element of shock, leaving viewers questioning their own lifestyle choices and considering changing it to the “superior” option of veganism.

The health and wellness world can be a very confusing space at times, often plagued with myths, contradictions, and hidden agendas. We shouldn’t overlook the importance of asking questions and understanding that for every bit of research, there is nearly always another piece claiming the contrary.  Presenting both sides of the story and drawing conclusions is nearly always favorable, despite that probably leading to less of a “Blockbuster” movie.

Although I am highly tolerant of people’s choice to lead a plant-based lifestyle and absolutely believe you can get enough protein being vegan, what I’m less tolerant of is spreading misinformation around nutrition and fear-mongering with regard to certain foods.

In my latest podcast episode, Quick Bites #17, I aim to debunk some of the bold claims made in this documentary. While the film portrays animal protein as inferior to plant protein for health and performance, I set the record straight on what a truly optimal diet really looks like.

You’ll also find the answers to other popular listener questions, including:

  • Why do you recommend protein powders but not other supplements
  • Whether chicken chips are the future of healthy snacking
  • If drinking water at mealtimes is harmful
  • If embracing moderation is better than extreme elimination 

Listen to the episode now!



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