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OptimizeMe Nutrition


on Lucky Charms, Steak, and Viral Headlines

Thanks to a push from Joe Rogan, a headline went viral recently claiming the government wants us to eat more Lucky Charms than steak. We unpack the truth here – talking about food rating scales, good food vs. bad food, and more.

on Diet, Cognitive Function, & Dementia

Can nutrition help prevent or stave off dementia? To answer, we’re talking about the growing research around the MIND diet, the difference between diets and dietary patterns, why restrictions can be helpful, and more.

on the False Promise of 1% Better Every Day

“One percent better every day” assumes continuous improvement is necessary, where in most areas of life (including nutrition) there is a level of proficiency or competency that is plenty. The work then isn’t in improving; it’s in maintaining status quo.