on Personalized Nutrition and DNA Tests

The soundbite summary: “Given the limited current biological knowledge on polygenic diseases and inconsistent findings [direct-to-consumer genetic testing] dietary advice remains questionable. Most of what has been documented so far… does not show that the precision nutrition approaches is clinically valuable.” PMID 29659694 Should we be tailoring our nutrition based… Read More »on Personalized Nutrition and DNA Tests

on Offering Nutrition in Your CrossFit Gym

If you own a gym, should you be offering a nutrition service? We’re talking about why nutrition is uniquely difficult compared to fitness, focusing on the “doing” and not the science, events, one-on-ones, on-boarding, and more.

on the Supposed Benefits of Fasting

What does the research say about fasting to control weight, improve fitness, and increase performance? We’re talking about the standard fasting protocols and why controlling for the actual quantity of nutrients continues to be my go-to recommendation.