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OptimizeMe Nutrition


on Building Difficulty as You Go

When it comes to nutrition, where should you begin and what should you do next? Those are questions we’re answering this episode, talking about the #800gChallenge®, Lazy Macros®, and finding your minimum effective dose.

on the 10 Principles of Nutrition

What are the principles that underpin all my nutritional advice? That’s what we’re diving into today, talking about why I don’t prescribe specific foods and my belief that we’ve been taught nutrition all wrong.

on Opportunity Costs of Poor Nutrition

What’s my dream? That’s a question someone recently asked. My answer: That we do the basics better. Because we know how and because of the other challenges we could tackle when we stop having to respond to preventable diseases.

on Redefining Health

How is it that only 12% of Americans meet the recommended markers of metabolic health (without medication)? That’s the question we’re diving into, talking about vulnerabilities and why our definition of health needs to shift.