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On Starting a Nutrition Side Hustle (Coaching Call #02)

Coaching call with Sam: we talked about deciding on the scope of practice, building a program, finding a network of customers, the cons of social media marketing, and more. Referenced episodes:On Offering Nutrition in Your CrossFit GymOn the New #800gChallenge® Coach Program >> SEARCH THE PODCAST <<  — OptimizeMe Nutrition Products #800gChallenge®… Read More »On Starting a Nutrition Side Hustle (Coaching Call #02)

Quick Bites #17

Quick Bites #17 responds to five nutrition questions from listeners and includes advice on supplementation, food environments, drinking water at mealtimes and the nutritional value of chicken chips. There’s also a deep dive into the issues raised in the controversial Netflix documentary The Game Changers.

on Aging and Menopause

In Japan, menopause is referred to as ‘konenki’. Literally translated, ko means “renewal and regeneration,” nen means “year/years,” and ki means “season” or “energy.” While this simply translates into “menopause” in English, the Japanese word konenki encompasses a much lengthier, gradual transition where the end of periods is just one contributing factor. It’s fair to say that most… Read More »on Aging and Menopause

on the Top 5 Marketing Claims Causing Confusion

What are the ways companies try to convince us that their foods are beneficial to our health when perhaps that’s not true? To answer, we’re breaking down the most pernicious food marketing claims that don’t live up to the hype.