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OptimizeMe Nutrition


on the Right Amount of Daily Added Sugar

The USDA recently upset folks by not altering their recommended daily added sugar intake, despite being advised by scientists to do so.We dive into the reasons they didn’t and my take on whether a change was necessary.

on the Best Diet of the Year

Is there a “best” diet? CNN recently weighed in, and here’s my take. We’re talking about the challenges of nutrition research, the limits of hyper-specific advice, why science is always playing catch-up, and more.

on Biohacking, Optimization, & Other Shades of Grey

Lots of people and products claim to help us “hack” our health. Are they legit? That’s what we’re diving into, talking about why these pursuits are so popular, the placebo effect, and the hacks that actually work.

Quick Bites, #02

Seven listener questions:
1) Nutrition & menopause 
2) Relationship between high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight loss
3) Natural yeast/sourdough starter and health benefits
4) Children and trying to instill good nutrition habits
5) Cooked versus raw on the #800gChallenge®
6) Muscle cell size and inflammation
7) How to lose weight but build muscle (increase performance) simultaneously