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on Alcohol’s Health Effects (Quick Bites #18)

5 listener questions, ~5-minutes. Topics include:
What are sugar alcohols?
Is alcohol that bad for your health?
What about powdered green supplements instead of vegetables?
Why do people want to make their diet complicated?
Does creatine cause bloating?

On Why Diets Stop Working

“All I know is if something works once, it never works again.” That’s what a listener told me, asking why her second try at a diet wasn’t working. To answer her, we’re talking about the 3 reasons diets often have a shelf life. Topics include:• Why there seems to be some… Read More »On Why Diets Stop Working

on Optimizing DOMS Recovery & Ice Water Baths

This episode takes an in-depth look at optimizing recovery for performance and explores the lifestyle and nutrition practices that could aid recovery. We analyze key strategies for reducing DOMS and look at whether ice baths have any effect on improving DOMS.