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OptimizeMe Nutrition


on Training and a Woman’s Cycle

Should women change their training based on their cycle? My answer has us exploring the general concern inherent in the question, what the research actually says, an analysis of the worst-case scenario, and much more.

Quick Bites, #06

5 listener questions
1) PostWOD carbohydrate powders
2) Realistic weight loss expectations
3) #800gChallenge® and Intermittent Fasting
4) Coffee alternative drinks
5) Exogenous Ketones

on the 3 Pillars of Nutrition Driving 90% of Success

What if the foundation of solid nutritional habits wasn’t just the foundation, but almost the entire pyramid? We’re diving into that this week, discussing the 80/20 rule, pointing our energy where it matters most, and more.

on the Cancer Risk of Meat

Is there significant evidence that meat increases the risk of getting cancer? Answering that has us talking through how I unpack these kinds of queries, why the WHO labels red meat as “probably carcinogenic,” and lots more!