Quick Bites, #01

We’re taking some of your questions in this first iteration of our Quick Bites format. Among other topics, we’re diving into fasted workouts, caffeine intake, and whether or not I think oats are a good source of carbs. How to calculate one’s calories they should eat now BCAAs for a… Read More »Quick Bites, #01

on Nutrition During the Holidays

How do we get through the holiday season nutritionally intact? That’s the conundrum we’re talking about today, discussing how prevalent weight gain is during this time of year and some time-tested strategies we can lean on.

on Performance vs Longevity

At what point does elevated performance in sport or fitness diverge from long-term health? That’s what we’re diving into, talking about the Blue Zones, CrossFit®, and the challenges of knowing these things with any certainty.

on Whether the USDA Got Their Guidelines Wrong

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