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OptimizeMe Nutrition


Quick Bites, #05

5 listener questions:
1) Making macros easy for recipes
2) Multi vitamins as insurance
3) Encouraging others away from fad diets
4) Dealing with a poor food environment
5) Nutrition options for (osteo)arthritis

on the Carnivore Diet and Mainstream Diet Books

Should we be eating like a carnivore? We’re breaking down why some say we should. Along the way, we talk about why I recommend so few mainstream diet books, plant toxicity, and why the plural of anecdote is not data.

on Plant-Based vs Animal-Based

Is plant-based a better diet than animal-based, and what do those classifications even mean? Those are the questions we’re unpacking today, looking at each through the lens of nutrient density, evolution, and bioavailability.

Quick Bites, #04

6 listener questions:
1) Macro tweaks for performance
2) Shift workers, EMS, LEO or military with the #800gChallenge®
3) Edamame, estrogen, and men
4) Paleo, calcium, and bone mineral density
5) Necessity of counting calories for weight loss
6) Lazy Macros® and counting fat