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OptimizeMe Nutrition


on the 3 Pillars of Nutrition Driving 90% of Success

What if the foundation of solid nutritional habits wasn’t just the foundation, but almost the entire pyramid? We’re diving into that this week, discussing the 80/20 rule, pointing our energy where it matters most, and more.

on the Cancer Risk of Meat

Is there significant evidence that meat increases the risk of getting cancer? Answering that has us talking through how I unpack these kinds of queries, why the WHO labels red meat as “probably carcinogenic,” and lots more!

on Collagen as a Supplement

What is collagen, and why is it such a popular supplement? Those are the questions we’re looking at, talking through whether it counts toward our daily protein intake, how the science stacks up against the marketing, why I take it, and more.

on Beta-Alanine and Belief

Is beta-alanine a performance enhancer? After Mat Fraser went on Joe Rogan’s podcast, sales of it skyrocketed due to his emphatic endorsement. So we’re looking at what it is, whether I recommend it, the placebo effect, and more!