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on Artificial Sweeteners and Food Additives

Should we be worried about food additives? I’m unpacking that by talking about food regulations, how many daily Diet Cokes it would take to be truly unsafe, and why the anxiety created by fear of additives isn’t helping anyone.

on Training Intensity vs Volume

How are intensity and volume related, and how do they drive body composition and performance? To answer, we’re talking about what drives performance adaptations, whether you should increase the weight or the reps, and more.

on Training and a Woman’s Cycle

Should women change their training based on their cycle? My answer has us exploring the general concern inherent in the question, what the research actually says, an analysis of the worst-case scenario, and much more.

Quick Bites, #06

5 listener questions
1) PostWOD carbohydrate powders
2) Realistic weight loss expectations
3) #800gChallenge® and Intermittent Fasting
4) Coffee alternative drinks
5) Exogenous Ketones