on Plant-Based vs Animal-Based

Is plant-based a better diet than animal-based, and what do those classifications even mean? Those are the questions we’re unpacking today, looking at each through the lens of nutrient density, evolution, and bioavailability. –– OptimizeMe Nutrition Products Bonus Podcast Content (3x/month) on Apple or Spotify30 Days of the #800gChallenge® program30… Read More »on Plant-Based vs Animal-Based

Quick Bites, #04

Your questions are back in the spotlight this episode. We’re talking about fat intake for improving performance, how shift workers can utilize the #800g Challenge, bone health, and why weighing and measuring is so important. Macro tweaks for performance Shift workers, EMS, LEO or military with the #800gChallenge® Edamame, estrogen,… Read More »Quick Bites, #04

on Intuitive Eating

What does the practice of “intuitive eating” get right and where does it go off the rails? We’re looking at the 10 principles that underpin the philosophy, emotional eating, why bad diets don’t make all diets bad, and more. –– OptimizeMe Nutrition Products Bonus Podcast Content (3x/month) on Apple or… Read More »on Intuitive Eating