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on Using Diet to Battle Cancer (with Denise Canellos)

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on Using Diet to Battle Cancer (with Denise Canellos)

The soundbite summary: No one gave themselves cancer. It’s not like “If you had just eaten one more avocado, this wouldn’t have happened.” Not only is that subtext not helpful, it’s a bit evil.

My guest today is Denise Canellos, a Certified Nutrition Specialist® who primarily works with individuals going through cancer treatment. You can find more about her work here.

Topics include:

  • Primary goals when working with a patient going through cancer treatment;
  • Prioritizing nutrition goals during treatment;
  • Realities and side effects of treatment;
  • Sugar as a fuel for cancer;
  • Keto and fasting as therapeutic approaches;
  • Supplements during treatment;
  • Soy and cancer risk;
  • Diets to prevent cancer.



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