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on the Paleo Diet & the Ancestral Fallacy

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on the Paleo Diet & the Ancestral Fallacy

The soundbite summary: The magic is in the basics that we are not doing and instead we get hung up on these irrelevant scientific explanations that distract us from what really matters.

Topics include:

  • What is The Paleo Diet and the 11 core beliefs & principles;
  • The “magic” of the Paleo Diet is from eating more nutrient-dense foods (improving diet quality);
  • Diets that get the science wrong but the net effect is good;
  • How to eat to “feed your DNA”;
  • Whether we need a precise macronutrient distribution;
  • The glycemic index and whether this directs cravings and energy levels;
  • The problem with targeting “ratios” (e.g., omega-6 to omega-3, sodium to potassium);
  • The problem with the acid-base balance diet approach;
  • The problem with “anti-nutrient” claims;
  • Why what our ancestors ate is not necessarily optimal.

Referenced articles

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Niwano et al., 2009. Low GI foods do not suppress hunger or increase satiety.
Vega-Lopez et al., 2018. Low GI diets do not support weight loss or prevent diabetes or CVD.
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