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on the New #800gChallenge® Coach Program

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on the New #800gChallenge® Coach Program

What should you think about before becoming a nutrition coach? What about before hiring one? Here’s my take on both questions, talking about the importance of scope, mentorship, and the new #800gChallenge® Coach program.

Link to summary of states’ laws, need to click on “Nutrition Laws” for a map of the US (disclaimer: check your state’s code of regulations). 

>>Get more info on how to become an #800gChallenge® Coach here. <<

Topics include:
• EC’s credentials (Certified Nutrition Specialist® and Licensed-Dietician Nutritionist) and the process to earn them; 
• Credentials needed to be a “nutrition coach”;
• Importance of understanding your scope regardless of title;
• How to find a good nutrition or health coach;
• Distinguishing a “habit coach” from a nutritionist;
• Details on the new #800gChallenge® Coach program.



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