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on the Best Strategy to Fight Chronic Disease (Maybe)

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on the Best Strategy to Fight Chronic Disease (Maybe)

The soundbite summary: Exercise causes micro-damages that train the body’s defense & repair mechanisms – both are needed to prevent chronic disease.

Topics include:

• Healthspan versus lifespan and how industrialization changes their trajectories
• What is the “Active-grandparent hypothesis” (why do we live well beyond our reproductive years)?
• Exercise as a stress that causes damage necessitating stronger defense and repair mechanisms
• Why preventing diseases like heart disease and cancer requires strong defense and repair mechanisms
• How to optimize health via exercise (is foraging the new exercise? Is more better?)
• Why could exercise be more important than nutrition for disease prevention
• How our view of what the golden years “should be” may be at odds with optimal health

Referenced articles:
Lieberman, et al. 2021. The active grandparent hypothesis
Paffenbarger et al., 1986. Physical activity and all-cause mortality with Harvard alumni
Piercy et al., 2018. 80% of Americans are insufficiently active

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