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on Supplements and the Worried Well

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on Supplements and the Worried Well

Why do we worry about food additives but have so few issues with supplements? We’re talking about why it might be a case of misplaced vigilance, regulatory differences, and the money made on convincing us we could be “better.”


• Defining “misplaced vigilance” and the “worried well”
• Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 and regulating supplements as food
• Supplements vs. additives or pharmaceutical drugs and where the FDA exerts control (post-market or pre-market)
• Disparity in regulations between supplements and drugs, growth of markets, and profit motives
• Supplement claims (e.g., structure-function claims), measuring effectiveness, and optimizing well
• Supplement safety concerns: toxicity, purity, strength
• Certification of supplements like USP or NSF (purity vs. efficacy)
• Conventional medicine and the worried well


Referenced Articles
Bailey, 2020. Review of regulatory guidelines for supplements.
Supplement contamination examples: aflatoxins in milk thistle, heavy metals in Ayurvedic medicines, THC in CBD supplements, and selenium toxicity.


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