on Measuring the Outcome (from Digital Barbell Podcast)

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on Measuring the Outcome (from Digital Barbell Podcast)

We’re sharing a conversation with Jonathan from the Digital Barbell podcast this week. Jonathan and his wife Blakely run Digital Barbell, which is an online Fitness and Nutrition coaching business. You can find out more about their services at their website or on social media @DigitalBarbell. We talk about the aging athlete from a nutrition & training perspective – and more!

Topics include:

  • EC’s lessons learned from professional experience;
  • How nutrition & training might change with the aging athlete,
  • How metabolism changes with age (including metabolism),
  • What people learn when they take objective data on their diet,
  • What does an “ideal” training split look like,
  • How to get started with fitness, and
  • CrossFit’s benchmark workout ‘Fran’ is over– or underrated.


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