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OptimizeMe Nutrition

on How to Predict Optimal Performance

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on How to Predict Optimal Performance

The soundbite summary: “There are too many in-the-moment factors of performance that cannot be predicted retrospectively.”

In the second part of our conversation about optimal performance, I’m focused here on how the most valuable indicator and predictor of athletic performance might not be the latest wearable device, but instead our actual performance data.

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Topics discussed:

  • Optimal performance requires much more than a balance of training and recovery (like nutrition, hydration, technique, mindset, etc)
  • The limitations of apps & trackers to capture these factors 
  • Current performance is the best predictor of performance – and why it’s sensitive enough to use in real-time
  • The role of a good coach
  • How does this playout recreational vs. elite athlete
  • The value of apps & trackers (there is something!)


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