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on Gut Health and Chasing the Unknown

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on Gut Health and Chasing the Unknown

The soundbyte summary: “[D]ue to the huge interindividual variation existing in the healthy population, no clear definition of a healthy gut microbiota has been established to date” (PMID: 33741632).

How can we improve “gut health” if we don’t have a clear definition of what that is?

Topics include:

• Defining the “gut” 
• Understanding what the microbiota do (aka microbiome does)
• Defining “gut health” and how to measure it
• The utility of a disease diagnosis to measure progress and health
• Dysbiosis and leaky gut: determining cause and effect
• Defining optimal gut health and the relevance of ancestral data
• How to optimize one’s gut health with diet and lifestyle

Referenced Articles

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