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on Lucky Charms, Steak, and Viral Headlines

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on Lucky Charms, Steak, and Viral Headlines

Soundbyte summary: We keep looking for yes/no rule structures to make things simple. There is in fact a yes/no decision on any food – but can only be made in the context of the other foods eaten that day as well as the goals of the person. Some of what we lose in the search for simplicity is the actual solution.

Topics include:
• What the Food Compass is trying to accomplish 
• Why a healthy diet can include poor-quality foods 
• Why looking for a simple yes/no food rules doesn’t work 
• How our search for simplicity sometimes hides the solution 
• The reason we need to be skeptical of “virality”

Referenced Articles:
Mozaffarian et al., 2021. Food compass as a nutrient profiling system (original paper).  
Ortenzi et al., 2022. Draft paper outlining limitations of the Food Compass Nutrient Profiling System.



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