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on How Fit You Really Need to Be (with Pat Sherwood)

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on How Fit You Really Need to Be (with Pat Sherwood)

Soundbyte summary: “If you are a low-level CrossFitter – unremarkable in every metric – you are Conan the Barbarian compared to a regular human being and compared to what you will need in daily life for physical capacity.”

This episode is with a special guest: Pat Sherwood is the creator of CrossFit Linchpin and cohost of the Varied, Not Random podcast. He joins us this week to talk about what we’re missing in our fitness, minimum effective dose, how to structure a strength day, and more!

Topics include:
• What you may misunderstand about CrossFit programming 
• Why doing less in the gym might be the secret to your improvement 
• The movements you want to perform every week  
• Why accessory work is optional 
• What “classic CrossFit” programming looks like



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