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The Consistency Project
on Your Most Common Electrolyte Questions
The Consistency Project
on Your Most Common Electrolyte Questions

Topics include:

1. Do you need electrolytes for water to be absorbed?

2. Why is it always electrolyte drinks?

3: Is there a difference between electrolytes?

4: If eating a balanced diet (like Lazy Macros®), do you need to hydrate with additional salts?

5: Is IV hydration a scam?

6: What’s the danger with drinking when you aren’t thirsty (i.e., overhydration)?

7: What about electrolytes for two sessions a day (30-45 minutes each in the heat)?

8: If you have a second session later that day, do you need post-workout or even intra-workout hydration?

9: What about electrolytes for a 2-3 hour training session with a couple of conditioning pieces, some lifting, and an accessory?

10: What about electrolytes for working construction 8-10 hours a day with constant heavy sweating?

11: What’s the danger in taking electrolytes “just because”?

12: Three scenarios for understanding the hydration and electrolyte needs:

  • What about a 13-mile hike with 3200 ft of elevation gain on a hot day?
  • What about a 160 km bike ride? Don’t you need to stay on top hydration and fueling before getting to two hours?
  • What about off-road enduro motorcycle events of 4-5 hours of hard riding? Is 1.5 liters of Pedialyte sport sufficient?

BONUS Topic: Understanding long-term water balance and sodium storage in the skin.

Referenced Articles

Rakova et al., 2013. Long-term regulation of sodium intake and water balance.

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