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on Electrolytes, Performance, and Misapplied Precision

The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
on Electrolytes, Performance, and Misapplied Precision

The soundbyte summary: The debate is not whether you need water; you do. Everyone should drink to thirst. The debate is, particularly in endurance events (>2 hours), whether you need water and electrolyte intake beyond that to optimize performance. All the while knowing that “optimal performance” occurs are varying levels of dehydration.

Topics include:

• Why water is so critical, different levels of dehydration and symptoms
• What are electrolytes, water balance in the body, and the thirst mechanism
• The relationship between sweat rate, sodium loss, blood volume, and heat illness
• Physiological need for sodium and current sodium intake
• Why endurance athletes may need more than “drink to thirst”
• What is the optimal level of (de)hydration for performance
• How to determine your best hydration strategy

Referenced Articles

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