on Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

What trade-offs do we have to accept to achieve our health, fitness, and nutritional goals? This week, we’re talking about the four biggest ones, touching on simplicity, boredom, monotony, habits, sustainability, and progress.

Quick Bites, #14

5 listener questions: 1) Joint aches & pains for the Masters athletes; 2) Dealing with super-strict dieters; 3) Healthy vs. obsessive parenting advice; 4) Macronutrient calculation for fat loss; 5) CBD supplementation

on Creatine and Refuting B.S.

Creatine is one of two supplements I argue are worth a shot when trying to improve performance (caffeine being the other). We’re talking about what it is, what kind of bump you can expect taking it, dosing strategy, and more.