Nutrition & Wellness Coaching


✅ Are you confused about what to do in nutrition?

✅ Do you have a hard time sticking to a diet plan?

✅ Do you want to finally understand nutrition and find the program that works for you?

✅ Do you need some motivation and accountability to make real change?

✅ Are you willing to put in the work to see results?

If this is you, STOP running in circles with fad diets and supplements! It’s time to put in the effort and investment to understand your diet, its pitfalls, and lay the groundwork for the habits that reap REAL results.

I can’t give you a magic pill, but I can give you the no-BS approach to habit change for nutrition and lifestyle. I can help you understand the science behind what works. I can tell you what works and what you can ignore in the media. Whether you are completely new to nutrition and wellness, or just need to get back on track, we will find the strategies that work and most importantly, work for YOU!

What does the program include?

  • Comprehensive health coaching for nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle factors like sleep as they relate to your goals
  • A weekly video call with EC (8 total!) to evaluate progress, answer questions, and plan for continued success
  • Personalized weekly measurable goals to track progress
  • Mobile-friendly coaching platform with daily habit reminders
  • Educational videos each week relevant to your personal goals
  • Weekly worksheet to apply lessons learned


This is merely a sample and not an exact outline. Each week’s topics are dictated by your goals and previous knowledge.

The coaching package is 2-months long: we need enough time to see results AND to instill lasting habits for continued success. 

COST: $900 for 8 weeks



*Note: The “1-hour” on the sign-up page reflects the initial phone call. Subsequent weekly calls are 30 minutes.

Sooo…. am I “just” doing the #800gChallenge? No! The #800gChallenge® is the initial step, and we continue to add complexity as necessary to help you achieve the results you want and give you the education to move forward.

Not sure? Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with EC to determine if this is the right fit for you!


“I wanted to tell you your concepts and direction about diet, food, and exercise has really changed my outlook and I’d even say has changed my life. And I find them so intuitive and logical. I’ve been able to be consistent for the past 15 months. I wanted to share this with you because you got me thinking the right way and because I’m so happy and proud. It is very hard going from being a college athlete to the workforce and seeing the weight gain. Combining what I’ve learned from you on food, good sleep habits, limited alcohol, consistency in the gym, etc, I’ve lost 27 pounds, I feel happier overall, less tired and ready to perform at work, and have been beating workout PRs and lifting PRs. The community of people around me has also gotten healthier because of you. So, I just want to say, thank you.”

-Lisa, 36

“In October, you helped me with finding the right calories and protein amount. I’ve been loosely following that diet plan since, and now (April), adding in reduced alcohol and sugar has paid off. In 7 months, I’ve dropped 14.4 lbs of fat and added 7 lbs of muscle. My body fat went from 17% to 10%. Been getting PR’s pretty much every week in the weight department. I appreciate all of your help and support getting me on the right track. I’ve been putting in the work, but you helped me figure out the calories and protein amount that really helped take me to a new level.  I now realize what a big impact nutrition, good or bad, can have when trying to get in shape. Many thanks.”

-Aaron, 43

“Thank you so much for all your help and advice this month. Ryan handed me a 10-pound weight yesterday in the gym and said this is the extra you’ve been hauling around. I look forward to losing more. I’ve noticed it is becoming easier to stand straight … and the knee pain does not feel as bad now. I can’t thank you enough and plan to continue with this program for good… with occasional lapses for grandchildren birthday parties.”

-Marion, 82