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OptimizeMe Nutrition

Paleo, Keto, Macros - your clients don't need a new diet.

Your clients have gone down all the rabbit holes and done all the diet trends. And they’re tired. They are tired of the gimmicks and short-term results.

They need a forever plan (read: sustainable). They need a personalized plan based on their genetics, needs, and goals – that works with REAL LIFE! Not Instagram life.

This edition of the Masterclass is specifically a nutrition coach program. You’ll learn the proven Three Pillars Method™ that delivers better weight, health, or fitness outcomes – as well as how to structure a profitable nutrition program.

Next coaches cohort: Fall 2024. 

Paleo , Macros, Keto – your clients don't need a new diet.

Your clients have gone down all the rabbit holes and done all the diet trends. And they’re tired. They are tired of the gimmicks and short-term results.

They need a forever plan (read: sustainable). They need a personalized plan based on their genetics, needs, and goals – that works with REAL LIFE! Not Instagram life.

This edition of the Masterclass is specifically a nutrition coach program. You’ll learn the proven Three Pillars Method™ that delivers better weight, health, or fitness outcomes – as well as how to structure a profitable nutrition program.

Next coaches cohort:

Fall 2024.

Your clients are frustrated and confused

At this point, they feel like they should have a Ph.D. in nutrition with all the hours and time (and money!) they’ve put in. 

They’ve done all the diets, read the books, and listened to all the podcasts… yet here they are: struggling to lose weight, feeling like crap in the gym, and losing that day-to-day energy to thrive.

They are frustrated. Why can’t they just put all the pieces together? Shouldn’t they be good at this by now? These are the common challenges I hear from my clients all the time… 

Picture of EC on Nutrition Coach Program page.


There’s so much information out there. Just when you think you understand what to do, a research study comes out proving the opposite (is meat healthy this year or not?). They just want to know what works.


Everything works… but not forever. They saw great results with Paleo, or low-carb, or macros, but then stalled. How many more diets do they have to do to actually get the results they want?


Diets never work in real life. Sure, those perfectly balanced meals work great when you have eight hours of meal prep. But is there anything that is flexible enough to withstand unpredictable schedules, vacations, and eating cake at their kid’s birthday party?


They don’t want to be a slave to the food scale. Ugh!! Does it really have to be this complicated? Weighing and measuring gets exhausting. They would love to find a long-term system without the scale.


Their efforts in the gym just aren’t adding up. They spend all this time working out and it doesn’t seem to be paying off. They want their body to reflect all the hard work they do.

Here's What Coaches Say About the Course

In every single lesson, my eyes where just opened. This was the way I needed to hear the information to be able to teach my clients.

Out of all the things that I've done, it's going to be the system I use for myself. It's not just something to give to clients, but I can also be a representative of the program.

It's takes the best part of all nutrition protocols – Paleo, IF, macros – and makes it refreshingly simple. It's everything you need to know in one spot.

Here's What My Clients Say About the Process... and Yours Can, Too!

I ended up losing weight at 2300 calories, which is still mind boggling to me. I just feel really empowered that I have the tools to know what I need; it's really freeing.

It's not hard. When I first starting losing weight, I felt like I wasn't "earning" it like those other programs. I took 4 vacations and still lost 5 pounds.

It's a game changer. You walk away with your own customized nutrition plan. I feel so much more empowered to know what to feed myself.

"There are 10 Principles of Nutrition that answer why Keto works, why Paleo works, why Whole30 works, and most important... how to determine an optimal plan for the individual."

Many of your clients have tried diets based on elimination and junk science – but they aren't sustainable.

Say “hello” to science-backed nutrition that actually works in a profitable, repeatable framework for coaches.

Hi, I’m EC (Eva Claire) Synkowski. I’ve worked as a fitness or nutrition coach for over 20 years. I have a Masters in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, am a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and a Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4). 

What’s important to you is that I packed my education and coaching expertise into a proven diet program backed by real science that you experience with me by your side every step of the way.

Sorting out the “BS” from the truth is my trademark in the coaching industry. 

I help clients reset eating habits with realistic goals to improve their fitness and health without the stress of “doing it right” or overly restrictive elimination diets.

I also teach coaches how to teach clients nutrition. What are the sustainable and effective ways to create client change?

And my Masterclass is designed as an online course with live coaching; I am there every step of the way so that you get your questions answered.

A Lasting Plan for Your Clients

"I Feel Good About My Diet And It's Sustainable"

With the Three Pillars Method progression, it's possible your clients will:

Introducing the

Three Pillars Method™ Masterclass – for Coaches

Help your clients ditch the diet cycle with this proven 10-week video-based course plus a live-nutrition coach program that forever replaces diet fads with a consistent and sustainable way to eat.  

How the Three Pillars Method™ Masterclass Works

She makes it simple and doable.

Part 1


The 10 Principles of Nutrition

These are the irrefutable truths in nutrition. You will learn how all diets work from physiological to psychological factors.  

This foundational information will provide the framework of the “why” behind the Three Pillars Method™ approach (and really behind the results of ANY diet). Get started on this as soon as you register.

Part 2


The No BS Diet Progression

This is how to apply all that theoretical knowledge. We walk through the Three Pillars Method: establishing 1) Quality, 2) Protein, and 3) Calories in your diet. You get the advanced level of the methods that can be used with your clients, as well as the tips for running the program with varying groups of levels and experience.

Pillar 1 QUALITY

Time and time again high-quality diets are associated with greater longevity and quality of life. The first pillar of the diet focuses on adding enough fruits and veggies to the diet to set the baseline of "quality." This phase heavily leans on the popular #800gChallenge® but also adds diet analysis to understand its relative contribution to one's whole diet.

Pillar 2 PROTEIN

You learn how to add the right level of protein (meat or plant-based). We keep the focus on addition, not elimination, to get the weight, health, and fitness goals cleints are after (yes, protein benefits all three goals!). This phase uses the principles of the Lazy Macros® diet but with data analysis to determine better and worse choices for one's goals.


This is the most eye-opening phase of the program. We weigh and measure everything for a period of time to finally discover exactly why one's diet is out of sync with one's goals. This helps individuals figure out personalized calories (and macros) to reach your goals that account for your genetics, activity level, and preferences, all while uncovering the mistakes they've made to date.


After one completes the Three Pillars Method, they can now create a forever plan to reach their individual goals. We will also learn how to tweak one's diet as goals and weight change... without needing a mathematics degree from MIT. And we will discuss when can one stop weighing & measuring and what tools to use to sustain a new eating plan for life.

This stuff just works.

Part 3


A nutrition coach program: Learn a realistic progression for clients

While you go through the Three Pillars Method™ yourself, you’ll also have live weekly calls regarding how to coach the process. Going through the progression yourself is essential to understand your client’s experience as well as provide the “reps” of the client questions that will surface. But in addition, each phase has corresponding coach-specific information regarding client compliance, pitfalls, and program implementation.

Completing the masterclass is a pre-requisite to become a Three Pillars Method™ affiliate to teach the same methods to your own clients. 

Cohort coaching kicks off APRIL 17, 2024 



Community App & Live Q&A Calls

Half of the program is a video course you watch on your own time according to a weekly schedule. The other half are live calls to discuss coaching-specific issues, as well any Q&A going through the process yourself. To help with questions in real-time, the group coaching occurs via the:

Be it in the App or on a live call, you will get your questions answered. EC personally responds to all questions 3x each week day.

Thank you for being sooooo responsive.

If you want a proven nutrition coaching system, that offers the flexibility to personalize to each client without recreating the wheel each time, to deliver results for clients... this is for you!

Check out some of the SPECIAL TOPICS included


Is my metabolism damaged? What about hormones?
This section contains SO many of the common questions you will receive. Half-truths in the media distract and stall your client's progress. Learn the science behind the claims so you can help them stay on track with what works.


What about timing? What about pre-workout?
Most coaches in this course are working with fitness-minded clients and inevitably they want to know about the post-workout protein shakes, electrolytes, and carb cycling. This section outlines nutrition specifics for performance goals.


When are you going to see results?
How long does it take to lose weight? How long until my back squat goes up? Setting realistic expectations is half the battle with clients. In a word full of quick fixes and false promises, you need to help clients with a mindset shift to reality.


What is the evidence for – and against them?
Many want to do everything but the diet changes that work. Learn about the Recommended Dietary Allowance levels, if you can get them from food, supplement regulation, contamination, and effectiveness all in this module.



This nutrition coach program is a video-based course with enough flexibility regardless of your schedule and timezone.

Keep up with a weekly video schedule. Then ask EC questions at ANY time in a community App and attend live calls (1 hour/week, a playback is made available). It’s a time committment averages to ~2 hours/week.

You go through the process yourself to gain the perspective of your client, while also getting the education on HOW to coach clients.

  • Pre-Work

    As soon as you register, get started on the 10 Principles of Nutrition, Goals & Expectations, and other intro videos. You must get through the pre-work to have access to the group coaching platform.

  • Pillar 1 Quality

    The first Pillar focuses on adding enough quality to the diet. This phase lasts 10 days and ends with a data analysis to understand fruit and veggie contribution to the diet.

  • Pillar 2 Protein

    The second Pillar focuses on adding enough protein to the diet for weight, health, and performance goals. This phase lasts 10 days and ends with a data analysis to understand better & worse protein choices.

  • Pillar 3 Calories

    This is the hardest phase in which we weigh everything we eat to understand our total calories and macros. This phase lasts 10 days and ends with a data analysis that gives one the personalized info of what is working – and isn't.

  • Personalize for maximum results

    We assimilate the lessons learned in the Three Pillars Method to develop a individualized plan.

  • Coaching Perspective

    As you go through the process yourself, you'll also have weekly calls on how you would coach the process to others and common client issues. This content also talks about how to structure your nutrition services.

If you're wondering...

Will this work for MY COACHING BUSINESS?

The Three Pillars Method Masterclass is...

BEST for your business if...

Not a good fit if...

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The best nutrition plan science has to offer for repeatable client success.

Get CEUs

If you are looking for an accredited nutrition certification to earn NASM CEU credits, AFAA credits, or for your CrossFit Level 3 Certification – look no further! Completion of the necessary course requirements (see more here) can help you earn continuing education units or credits (CEUs or CECs) from a  variety of organizations.

CEU values listed included aafa credits (1.9 credits), nasm ceu credits (1.9), and crossfit nutrition certification (14 CEUs).

Frequently Asked Questions

What your fellow coaches and healthcare practitioners ask

The intent was to provide enough flexibility regardless of schedule or timezone, while still getting coaching support throughout the program. Much of the course is video based you watch on your own time according to a group schedule. You can ask questions at any time in the Community App, and/or attend live calls for questions (with playbacks available).

For the Spring 2024 group, the Coaches Only Call is on Thursdays @ 7:15PM EST. A playback is made available ~1 hour after it ends.

The total video content is 14 hours. This averages to 2 hours a week. You choose how much additional time is spent interacting in the Community app. There is also additional time to prep and track food, which is highly variable from person to person due to experience with weighing and measuring, as well as meal preferences.

Yes. The course uses the Cronometer (Gold membership) for food data collection and analysis. This costs an additional ~$9.99/month (although prices and deals change regularly). You can also choose another app, but we are not responsible for whether necessary features exist. You will also need a digital food scale, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.

This program works for everyone! You and your clients customize your own meal plans based on which foods you eat. Vegetarians and vegans will use plant-based proteins to hit your targets.

Completion of the program makes you eligible to become a Three Pillars Method™ affiliate to replicate the method (including the #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros®) with your clients. More information about affiliation is here. You cannot use the programs without affiliation.

When you register, you have 8 weeks of group coaching access and 2 additional weeks to complete course requirements without additional fees.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it’s on the platform from which you purchased it (Teachable).

Group coaching is limited to 8 weeks.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked, but also no exceptions after this timeframe.

Yes, it has been approved for CrossFit (14), ACE (1.9), ACSM (21), NASM/AFAA (1.9), and NSCA (1.7) CEUs. 

CROSSFIT: The Three Pillars Method Masterclass (Coaches) is recognized by the CrossFit Certification Department to offer continuing education for Certified CrossFit Trainers. This program has been approved for 14 CEUs of General Professional Development. A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course videos, live sessions, & data analysis.

ACE: The Three Pillars Method Masterclass (Coaches) can earn an individual 1.9 CEUs. A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course videos, live sessions, data analysis, & test.

ACSM: The American College of Sports Medicine’s Continuing Professional Education Committee certifies that OptimizeMe Nutrition LLC’s Three Pillars Masterclass (100013) meets the criteria for 21 official ACSM CECs from 7/26/2023 to 7/25/2024. The ACSM Education Provider approved course reflects the concepts of their respective organizations and does not necessarily represent the positions or policies of ACSM.

NASM/AFAA: OptimizeMe Nutrition is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine an an Approved Continuing Education Provider. You can earn 1.9 CEUs upon successful completion of the course videos, live sessions, data analysis, & test. 

NSCA: The National Strength and Conditioning Association approved 1.7 CEU(s) in category C for certified individuals who successfully complete this course (videos, live sessions, data analysis, & test). 

The Unconfused Guarantee

I am confident this course will give the clarity and confidence you’ve been looking for. I back my word up with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure it meets your expectations. No questions asked. Just email me at

Join me in the Three Pillars Method™
Masterclass for Coaches.
Learn the No-BS process that Just Works.

I’ve quite literally done it all. Paleo, macros, low-carb, intermittent fasting, and yes, even the potato hack diet.

I didn’t understand why there could be so many different diets and rules all with success for … some people. But, where was my “optimal” diet?

So, I dug in. I got a Master’s degree in Nutrition and went on to become a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. I wanted an evidence-based, science-backed system approach to what really works. Not the hacks, gimmicks, and social-media-filtered tips and false promises.

This Masterclass is the result. I developed my 10 Principles as the framework to understand physiological and psychological truths (the “why”). And then the Three Pillars Method to put that knowledge into place (the “how”). It’s not a diet; it’s a way develop a diet plan to adhere to 

It’s a proven system I’ve used with hundreds of my own clients, and you can use for yours as well (with affiliation). Help them ditch the gimmicks, hacks, and junk science for a sustainable, forever plan.