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If you could forever be liberated from the confusion and information overload around your diet and nutrition in 8 short weeks...

Would you FINALLY create and stick with an eating plan that hits YOUR personal health and fitness goals no matter where you are in life?

“There are 10 Principles of Nutrition that answer why Keto works, why Paleo works, why Whole30 works, and most important… what IS optimal for you.”

– E. C. Synkowski

"I just want to find something flexible and sustainable."

You reach your fitness goals faster than that bag of kettle popcorn disappeared from the pantry last night, so why is nutrition so hard?  I’ve coached athletes, moms, and even couch potatoes and here’s what we ALL struggle with. Have you faced any of these diet challenges??


“I keep trying, yet follow-through and consistency is a real problem for me.” You are not alone if old habits and self-sabotage are tripping up your efforts to eat healthy.


“I’ve tried every diet under the sun.” And yet here we are more confused than ever! There are just so many messages out there that it can feel overwhelming— not just about diets but the right framework for consistent results.


“I eat when I’m stressed. And then I’m stressed because I ate sugar.” Has stress eating ever derailed your progress? No? Just me? We all love food but when did trying to eat right way on a consistent daily basis become another point of stress and frustration on top of everything else we’re dealing with?


“I just want a strong, healthy, balanced look with some visible muscles.” Exercise alone isn’t getting it done.


“The weighing and measuring gets exhausting.” So you stop weighing food and tracking what you eat and almost overnight you gain 9 lbs !

"The stress and confusion of trying to do things the right way frustrates me daily."

It IS stressful to keep spending days, weeks, and even months researching and trying every new diet that uses a grain of truth but turns out to be better marketing campaigns than nutrition.

Rarely do they work with the consistency or sustainability you want. They instead rely on eliminations or unrealistically rigid templates instead of the simplicity of choosing foods that fit you and your health goals.

Why is it so hard to find a sustainable diet to: 

● Age healthier
● Achieve your performance goals
● Have your body composition reflect your hard work
●  Lose weight without starvation and deprivation?

If that's why you're here...

Diets based on elimination aren't sustainable

"Say goodbye to diets and hello to REAL FOOD."

Hi, I’m EC (Eva Claire) Synkowski. I’ve worked as a fitness or nutrition coach for over 20 years. I have a Masters In Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, am a Certified Nutrition Specialist®, and a Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4). 

What’s important to you is that I packed my education and coaching expertise into a proven 8-week diet program backed by real science that you experience with me by your side every step of the way.

Sorting out the “BS” from the truth is my trademark in the coaching industry. 

I help clients reset eating habits with realistic goals without the stress of “doing it right” or overly restrictive elimination diets.

And you know how a workout buddy helps you stick with your workouts? Nutrition is the same!

“She makes it simple and doable.”

 “I really credit her with helping dial in my diet like never before.”


“I was exposed to a lot of this information before, but never in a way that so concisely tied everything together in a way I can actually use everyday, realistically.

She also cuts through so much dieting information.”

– Brian M., Student

“What stands out to me is your common sense, holistic approach (love the ‘it’s not just one thing’ idea).”


“This course is what I’ve been looking for for YEARS. What stands out to me is your common sense, holistic approach (love the ‘it’s not just one thing’ idea), and perhaps most of all, that you are neutral and agnostic to any particular belief system.” 

– Meredith, Student

 “Highly recommend if you often get confused about what to believe & have weight goals you’re trying to achieve.”


‘FINALLY! A source of actual scientific, honest information relating to food. Highly recommend if you often get confused about what to believe & have weight goals you’re trying to achieve.”

 – Bec, Student

"I feel good about my diet and it's sustainable"

Imagine just 8 weeks from now; it’s possible you:

● Have something you can stick with because it’s no longer a “diet” you’re on, but how you eat. 

● Have a real grasp on what you need to do to hit your fitness and weight goals.

● Sleep better (yes… it’s possible)

● Feel comfortable in your clothes.

● Have defined muscles all because of eating the right food PLUS you have a ton of energy.

● Crush your competition because you’ve got strength and endurance you didn’t have two months ago.

● Age well with the right nutrition today, next year, next decade because it’s a sustainable eating plan.

● Feel liberated and free from the confusion and stress of trying to figure out “THE FOOD” ever again!


Nutrition Essentials Masterclass

Ditch the diet confusion and feed your body for optimal health with this proven 8-week self-paced video, digital tools, and live-group coaching bundle that forever replaces diet fads with a consistent and sustainable way to eat for the rest of your life.

How it Works


The 10 Principles of Nutrition

End your diet confusion once and for all. Find out why Keto and Paleo might not be that different, but most importantly, discover the diet OPTIMAL for YOU

Get started on this as soon as you register. 


The Proven Step-by-Step 8-Week Diet Program

Choose the right plan and food choices that fit your health, body composition, and performance goals when you put the 10 Principles into action… without dogmatic food rules and pesky eliminations.


BLOCK 1 (WEEKS 1 & 2)


The cornerstone of a healthy life is also one of the most popular elements of the Masterclass. 

We spend two weeks mastering the #800gChallenge® to set you up with a lifetime strategy for energy and health.

BLOCK 2 (WEEKS 3 & 4)

Lazy Macros (#800gChallenge® + Protein)

You learn how to “add in” the right level of protein (meat or plant-based). 

We keep the focus on addition, not elimination, to get the fitness and healthy goals you are after. 

Yes! There is some weighing and measuring, but I have a “lazy” way for you to do this quickly.

BLOCK 3 (WEEKS 5 & 6)

Crunch Time: This is Your Make it or Break it Block

This is the most eye-opening block in the program. 

Yes, we weigh and measure everything for a period of time, but it is worth it because you finally discover exactly why your diet has worked against you. 

You’ll figure out your personalized macros to reach your goals that account for your genetics, activity level, and preferences, all while uncovering the mistakes you’ve made to date. Mistakes you don’t have to make again! 

Your hard work comes with a great payoff.

BLOCK 4 (WEEKS 7 & 8)

Eating Plan for Life

We now focus how to sustain healthy eating for real life.

You’ll learn how to tweak your macros for weight loss or performance as your fitness goals change… without needing a mathematics degree from MIT.

You also learn when to stop doing macros and what tools to use to sustain your new eating plan for life.


Community App & Live Q&A Calls

The base of the program is a video course you watch on your own time according to an 8-week schedule.

To help with questions and real-life application, the group coaching occurs via the:

• Mighty Networks App (community features like Facebook)

• Live Q&A calls with EC 2x/week (optional)

Get your questions answered every day in real-time as you move through the course, and show up for live Q&A for a more in-depth check-in and discussions as you need it.

And hear what Masterclass grads are saying...

Check out some of the incredible BONUSES included...

BONUSES #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

What About Bacon? What About...?

Any food can be worked into a diet. There are no absolutes and no hard “yes or no’s.”

And I’m a big believer that “elimination” diets aren’t sustainable. This bonus video reveals how.

But, in total there are 7 bonus videos that address some of the most FAQs like Accountability & Motivation and nuances for setting your protein target.


The #800gChallenge® On-the-go and Top 10 Quick Meals Ebooks

So you’re not Martha Stewart and don’t love spending time in the kitchen?

Me neither! Get the ebooks that help make eating healthy easy. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for “fast” food or you’re out at a restaurant – you have options!

We get started in January

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The Unconfused Guarantee

This is the end of diet confusion. You have my word. 

I back my word up with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure that you’ve had time to implement what you’ve learned in this Masterclass or get your money back. No questions asked. Just email me at ec@optimizemenutrition.com.

Your fellow fitness seekers
asked these questions

For the Fall 2021 group, the live Q&A calls are slated for Wed @7PM EST and Thurs @2PM EST. These are optional, and offered to provide another avenue to get your questions answered beyond the Mighty Networks community App.

They will also be recorded to view after the fact. Additional sessions may be also added based on group size. 

The ONLY way to get excruciatingly clear on what you need to do is to weigh and measure what you eat for a period of time. It’s eye opening and gives you an irreplaceable education into your own habits. It actually can be less work overall because you stop doing all these different diets without knowing why they work or don’t. Once you’ve hit your goals, I coach you on how to make it easier to track on a daily basis.

I don’t make those decisions for you. You do! In fact, any of your favorite foods can be part of healthy diet. The truth is, many of my students have no real understanding of what they are eating and that’s sabotaging their fitness goals. That being said, most of my students are excited to learn that Nutrition Essentials Masterclass places a heavy emphasis on adding the right foods versus eliminating. It’s your choice depending on your weight and body composition goals.

Nope. In fact my students are usually surprised that I don’t recommend any supplements. But think about it. You’re eating healthy! No processed food means you’re getting nutrients and minerals from your diet.

I have successful students much older than 57 because they are smartly looking to REAL FOOD to counter the changes with age: muscle mass declines and  its getting harder to lose fat. This is why the older you get, it MORE important it is to eat healthy.

This program works for everyone! You customize your own meal plans based on which foods you eat and your health and fitness goals. Vegetarians and vegans will use plant-based proteins to hit your targets.

When you register for a live coaching group, the course starts and ends on the posted dates. After the course ends, however, you have continued access to the course materials. 

The Masterclass was originally designed as a standalone, self-paced course without a live component, so if you fall off the schedule, you can always go back and re-take the course on your own. Note, in that case, you will not be able to join future live coaching groups. 

When you purchase the full price, on-demand course, it starts and ends when you like! It is suggested to follow the proposed calendar for Part 2 to get the most out of it.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it’s on the platform from which you purchased the course.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

The course is now available year-round, on-demand. However, there will only be 2-3 cohorts a year where EC will be coaching students live. It is during these live coaching groups where the course price also drops to incentivize individuals to get through the course with EC’s support.

The next live group is scheduled for Jan 2022.

Schedules & pricing are subject to change with customer demand.

"It makes it hard to stay consistent bouncing from one diet to the next."

You can be successful.

You can keep looking for the magic bullet. Trying to cope with the on-and-off again diet approach. Or piecing together a personalized nutrition plan from Google, Reddit, and Facebook Groups. Or hoping that the science of physiology changes. (It won’t).

You can keep trying the latest nutrition books or trends that come along to see if any of them will FINALLY work for you. But how long will that take and how much will it cost?

You can keep missing your fitness goals because “nutrition is too hard.”

Or, you can feel healthy and age well because…

You chose to dial in your well being today with science-based knowledge and proven nutrition practices that fit YOUR body. And serve YOU for decades not just the next 8-weeks.

No gimmicks. No more “on-off diets.” This is how you eat for life.

So, where will you be 8-weeks from now? Lighter? More defined muscles? Sleeping better? Ignoring the latest social media trend? Hitting your fitness goals? Crushing your competition? 

Because it’s a choice you make. It’s all up to you. It’s all in your control.

Join me in Nutrition Essentials Masterclass.

"I've been trying to lose those post-wedding 10 pounds... and I just celebrated my 15th anniversary. With Nutrition Essentials Masterclass, I lost them in under 11 weeks.”