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Paleo worked, then it didn't. Same with keto. Same with macros.

Instead of chasing another diet trend, it’s time to understand how diets work. In 7 short weeks you can be done with new diets, and understand the principles that last a lifetime for your health and fitness goals.

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Paleo worked, then it didn't. Same with keto. Same with macros.

Instead of chasing another diet trend, it’s time to understand how diets work. In 7 short weeks you can be done with new diets, and understand the principles that last a lifetime for your health and fitness goals.


At this point, it feels like you should have a Ph.D. in nutrition with all the hours and time (and money!) you’ve put in. 

You’ve done all the diets, read the books, and listened to all the podcasts… yet here you are: struggling to lose weight, feeling like crap in the gym, and losing that day-to-day energy to thrive.

It’s so frustrating. Why can’t you just put all the pieces together?


There’s so much information out there. Just when you think you understand what to do, a research study comes out proving the opposite (is meat healthy this year or not?). You just want to know what works.


Everything works… but not forever. You saw great results with Paleo, or low-carb, or macros, but then stalled. How many more diets do you have to do to actually get the results you want?


Diets never work in real life. Sure, those perfectly balanced meals work great when you have eight hours of meal prep. But is there anything that is flexible enough to withstand unpredictable schedules, vacations, and eating cake at your kid’s birthday party?


You don’t want to be a slave to the food scale. Ugh!! Does it really have to be this complicated? Weighing and measuring gets exhausting. You’d love to find a long-term system without the scale.


My efforts in the gym just aren’t adding up. You spend all this time working out and it doesn’t seem to be paying off. You’d love your body to reflect all the hard work you do.

Here's What Your Fellow Fitness Seekers Said

There's no hacks, no gimmicks, EC is not trying to sell you something. Instead, the Masterclass gives you a formula to figure out what exactly works for you.

You're going to get a mindset shift and the permission to not be so dogmatic and rigid. Check your assumptions at the door and let the process work.

It's a game changer. You walk away with your own customized nutrition plan. I feel so much more empowered to know what to feed myself.

and more...

"There are 10 Principles of Nutrition that answer why Keto works, why Paleo works, why Whole30 works, and most important... what IS optimal for you."

Many of you have likely tried diets based on elimination and junk science – but they aren't sustainable.

Say hello to the knowledge that actually works!

Hi, I’m EC (Eva Claire) Synkowski. I’ve worked as a fitness or nutrition coach for over 20 years. I have a Masters in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, am a Certified Nutrition Specialist®, and a Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4). 

What’s important to you is that I packed my education and coaching expertise into a proven diet program backed by real science that you experience with me by your side every step of the way.

Sorting out the “BS” from the truth is my trademark in the coaching industry. 

I help clients reset eating habits with realistic goals to improve their fitness and health without the stress of “doing it right” or overly restrictive elimination diets.

And you know how a workout buddy helps you stick with your workouts? Nutrition is the same! I’m here to help you through the process.

A New You in 7 Weeks

"I Feel Good About My Diet And It's Sustainable"

Imagine just 7 weeks from now, it's possible you:

Introducing the

Three Pillars Method Masterclass

Ditch the diet cycle with this proven 7-week video-based course plus live-group coaching program (that includes FOUR total months of coaching access) that forever replaces diet fads with a consistent and sustainable way to eat.  

How the Three Pillars Method Masterclass Works

She makes it simple and doable.

Part 1


The 10 Principles of Nutrition

End your diet confusion once and for all. Find out why Keto and Paleo might not be that different, but most importantly, discover how all diets work from physiological to psychological factors. 

Get started on this as soon as you register.

Part 2


The No BS Diet Progression

Enough with the theory, we’ve got to apply that knowledge in the kitchen! We walk through the Three Pillars Method: establishing 1) Quality, 2) Protein, and 3) Calories in your diet. This allows you to get a baseline assessment, as well as learn what exactly needs to change to get your diet in line with your goals.

Pillar 1 QUALITY

Time and time again high-quality diets are associated with greater longevity and quality of life. The first phase of the course focuses on adding enough fruits and veggies to the diet to set the baseline of "quality." This phase heavily leans on the popular #800gChallenge® but also adds diet analysis to understand its relative contribution to your whole diet.

Pillar 2 PROTEIN

You learn how to add the right level of protein (meat or plant-based). We keep the focus on addition, not elimination, to get the weight, health, and fitness goals you are after (yes, protein benefits all three goals!). This phase uses the principles of the Lazy Macros® diet but with data analysis to determine better and worse choices for your goals.


This is the most eye-opening phase of the program. We weigh and measure everything for a period of time to finally discover exactly why your diet has worked against you. You’ll figure out your personalized calories (and macros) to reach your goals that account for your genetics, activity level, and preferences, all while uncovering the mistakes you’ve made to date.


With all your hard work, we now can create a forever plan to reach your individual goals. You'll learn how to tweak your diet as your goals and weight change... without needing a mathematics degree from MIT. You also learn when to stop weighing & measuring and what tools to use to sustain your new eating plan for life.

This stuff just works.

Part 3


Two additional months of support & guidance

Once you complete the Three Pillars Method Masterclass (7 weeks), you will have a personalized plan for your current goals. Then, you’ve got two additional months of coaching access for support as you develop the habits you need for the long haul. This means you have FOUR total months of coaching to get the right plan for you.



Community App & Live Q&A Calls

The base of the program is a video course you watch on your own time according to a weekly schedule. To help with questions in real-time, the group coaching occurs via the:

Be it in the App or on a live call, you will get your questions answered. EC personally responds to all questions 3x each week day.

Thank you for being sooooo responsive.

If you want to take control of your fitness, health, and weight goals – this course is for you.

Check out some of the new SPECIAL TOPICS included


Is my metabolism damaged? What about hormones?
If you're wondering whether you need to eat more to lose weight, whether your genetics have you stuck, what is the influence of hormones like insulin and cortisol, and what the HECK happens with age – this section is for you.


What about timing? What about pre-workout?
A whole new section with an in-depth look at how nutrition fuels exercise, what most people overlook in their fitness program, and answers to popular questions about fasted workouts, intra-workout fueling and more.


When are you going to see results?
How long does it take to lose weight? What about adding muscle? How to you determine a good goal weight? How often should you weigh yourself? What about body composition testing? So many questions ANSWERED.


What is the evidence for – and against them?
Learn about the Recommended Dietary Allowance levels, if you can get them from food, supplement regulation, contamination, and effectiveness all in this brand new module.



This is a video-based course with enough flexibility regardless of your schedule and timezone.

Keep up with a weekly video schedule (~2 hours/week for the first 7 weeks).

Ask EC questions at ANY time in a community App and/or attend live calls (2x/week with optional attendance, playbacks made available).

You get FOUR total months of coaching access. Two months to get through the course, and two additional months on your new plan.

You will learn enough to be your own nutrition coach – forever!

  • Pre-Work

    As soon as you register, get started on the 10 Principles of Nutrition, Goals & Expectations, and other intro videos.

  • Pillar 1 Quality

    The first Pillar focuses on adding enough quality to the diet. This phase lasts 10 days and ends with a data analysis to understand your fruit and veggie choices.

  • Pillar 2 Protein

    The second Pillar focuses on adding enough protein to the diet for weight, health, and performance goals. This phase lasts 10 days and ends with a data analysis to understand better & worse protein choices.

  • Pillar 3 Calories

    This is the hardest phase in which we weigh everything we eat to understand our total calories and macros. This phase lasts 10 days and ends with a data analysis that gives you the personalized info of what is working – and isn't.

  • Personalization

    We assimilate the lessons learned in the Three Pillars Method to develop your individualized plan.

  • Long-Term Coaching

    After the seven week program is done, you have continued coaching access for an additional TWO months to get continued support on your plan to see how it plays out in the long-term.

Join me in the Three Pillars Method Masterclass.
You have nothing to lose but frustration.

You can keep trying to piece together a personalized nutrition plan from Google searches, podcasts, and social media. 

You can keep hoping the latest nutrition trend is FINALLY the one that works for you. But how long will that take and how much will it cost?


You choose to dial in your well-being today with science-based knowledge and proven nutrition practices that fit YOUR body. And serve YOU for decades, not just the next several weeks.

No gimmicks. No more “on-off diets.” This is how you eat for life.

Where will you be several weeks from now? Lighter? Crushing your workouts? Sleeping better? Ignoring the latest social media trend? Hitting your fitness goals?

All you need to do is decide you are done with the dieting nonsense, and you can have clarity like you’ve never had before. 

You can be successful. You can finally be in control of your nutrition and your results. And when you are ready for that, I’m here to help.

Improve Your Fitness. Ditch the Confusion. Lose the Weight.

Bec S.
Bec S.

Masterclass Student

"FINALLY! A source of actual scientific, honest information relating to food. Highly recommend if you often get confused about what to believe & have weight goals you’re trying to achieve.”

Shelley M.
Shelley M.

Masterclass Student

"I've been trying to lose those post-wedding 10 pounds... and I just celebrated my 15th anniversary. With this Masterclass, I lost them in under 11 weeks.”

Brian M.
Brian M.

Masterclass Student

"The only danger of taking this course is you may actually start thinking for yourself, stop following the latest fad, and never pay for another nutrition coach or dieting plan. EC cuts through so much dieting information. I wish I received this 11 years ago."

Meredith N.
Meredith N.

Masterclass Student

“This course is what I’ve been looking for for YEARS. What stands out to me is your common sense, holistic approach (love the ‘it’s not just one thing’ idea), and perhaps most of all, that you are neutral and agnostic to any particular belief system.”

Melanie S.

Masterclass Student

I have been counting macros for a while but the three pillars approach was the real eye opener for me. I have more brain power, more patience, more energy in general (and energy is more stable throughout the day) but also more energy for training.. and that is really awesome!!! There is no sense of deprivation for me anymore, I feel nourished and healthy. The time investment is totally worth it.

Phyllis T.

Masterclass Student

"This process has worked well for me. I'm maintaining my weight, shifted my body composition, and improved my performance in training. These can be seen by people around me. This course coincided with the strength cycle, and I saw improvements in performance tests at the end. I will definitely keep the principles close in my nutrition journey."

Seth S.
Seth S.

Masterclass Student

"I have dropped 8 pounds since the start of the course, which is the most movement I have seen in the past few years. More importantly, I understand why I am moving toward my goals and how to stay on the right path. Most importantly, my mindset has changed... The permission to drop the excess weight slowly and without going hungry to me is a key of sustainability."

Ammie S.

Masterclass Student

"Your teaching has literally transformed how I view nutrition, not just from a weight loss/maintenance aspect but I think even more importantly by transforming how I think through the decisions to be made surrounding food. Your insights on what's necessary, sustainable, healthy, and effective have been waaaaaaaay more help than all the books, 30-days, and 'secrets' that have been the mainstay of the nutrition space for as long as I can remember."

Over 1,200 students strong


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your fellow health seekers asked these questions

The intent was to provide enough flexibility regardless of schedule or timezone, while still getting coaching support throughout the program. Much of the course is video based you watch on your own time according to a group schedule. You can ask questions at any time in the Community App, and/or attend live calls for questions (with playbacks available).

For the Jan 2023 group, the live Q&A calls are Wed @7:15P EST and Thurs @2:15PM EST. These are optional, but provide another avenue to get your questions answered beyond the Circle community App. Playbacks are made available.

The total video content is ~6 hours. This averages to 1-2 hours a week. You choose how much additional time is spent interacting in the Community app or attending live calls. There is also additional time to prep and track food, which is highly variable from person to person due to experience with weighing and measuring, as well as meal preferences.

Yes. The course uses the Cronometer (Gold membership) for food data collection and analysis. This costs an additional ~$8.99/month (although prices and deals change regularly). You can also choose another app, but we are not responsible for whether necessary features exist. You will also need a digital food scale, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.

The ONLY way to get excruciatingly clear on what you need to do is to weigh and measure what you eat for a period of time. It’s eye opening and gives you an irreplaceable education into your own habits. It actually can be less work overall because you can stop doing all these different diets without knowing why they do or don’t work. 

I have had successful students much older than 57 because they are smartly looking to REAL FOOD to counter the changes with age: muscle mass declines and it’s harder to lose fat. This is why the older you get, the MORE important it is to eat healthy.

Yes, many coaches and gym owners have taken this course for exactly this reason. This Masterclass is also the first step to becoming an affiliated #800gChallenge® Coach and Lazy Macros® Coach (where you can license the materials to coach others).

This program works for everyone! You customize your own meal plans based on which foods you eat. Vegetarians and vegans will use plant-based proteins to hit your targets.

When you register for a live coaching group, the course starts and ends on the posted dates. You have 4 months of coaching access (Jan 3- Apr 30). After that, you have continued access to the course videos which contain all the information to do the program on your own. 

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it’s on the platform from which you purchased it (Teachable).

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked, but also no exceptions after this timeframe.

Keep checking back for the next enrollment date!

No. Upon registration you have immediate access to the Pre-Work, which contains the 10 Principles of Nutrition. Remaining content is dripped one week prior to when we start needing the concepts.

Yes, it has been pre-approved for CrossFit. You may be able to petition other organizations. 

The Three Pillars Method Masterclass is recognized by the CrossFit Certification Department to offer continuing education for Certified CrossFit Trainers. This program has been approved for 7 CEUs of General Professional Development. Certified CrossFit Trainers must only report CEUs equal to the hours actually spent participating in the continuing-education activity. A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course videos & data analysis.

The Unconfused Guarantee

I am confident this course will give the clarity and confidence you’ve been looking for. I back my word up with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure it meets your expectations. No questions asked. Just email me at